The RedLine is the debut as an artist of the photographer and filmmaker Alejandro Áboli. The project was born in May 2015 from the artist’s desire to show his unique way of looking at the world. Ever since, Alejandro has been focusing on The RedLine and wandering around the cities in which he has lived – Madrid, London, and New York – to create unified and related bodies of work. Influenced by Pablo Picasso and Dalí paintings, Áboli’s goal is to incorporate surrealism and abstract expressionism into his photos – weaving together reality and fiction.

In his new project, Áboli chose a palette of bright blue and soft pink inspired by the two places that defined him: Madrid, with its blue clear skies, and Ibiza, with its unique sunsets full of different shades of pink. Áboli’s photos are perched between realism and the imagination, depicting his personal stories. The Redline photos catch the viewer’s eye using a contemporary theme and creating a comfortable ambiguity between reality and fantasy and spiced with a touch of humor.

Aboli’s work is structured in a number series that maintain the essence of The RedLine: real-world scenes mixing contemporary themes with fiction in a minimalist setting. For instance, in the American Dream collection, Áboli wanted to pay tribute to women and their power in today’s World. He was inspired by the classic movie Attack of the 50 Ft Woman, an ode to women capable of conquering the world. He introduced a naked woman who has to fight to make her own space at the metropolis, representing dissonance between the life imposed by society and the life that is desired. Also, the Red Powerphoto is a eulogy to women. Red lipstick emphasizes the importance of their words, framing their mouth in one of the most intense colors – red.

The RedLine does not represent life as you know it, but life as you dream it.

Alejandro Áboli